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Unlock global food news monitoring with Selerant’s Compliance Cloud. Learn about changing food safety standards, religious requirements, and other laws or regulations that might impact your business.

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Selerant regulation news

Why Compliance Cloud? Access and monitor food regulation news in one place

The Food News Monitoring System and Food Law Library save you time toggling between government sites, scientific databases, and news sources. Access one web-based solution to understand how changing laws around food safety, quality, and more might impact your operations.

  • Aggregate the global food regulation news that matters most.
  • Stay informed with customizable regulatory queries and alerts.
  • Access a central repository of critical documents that impact product development.
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of the world's top 10 largest dairy producers use Selerant solutions
of the world's top 7 confectionary companies use Compliance Cloud

Stay ahead of the competition Real-time global regulation monitoring

Selerant global regulation news

Aggregate global regulation News

Scan hundreds of websites, international and national legislative sources, food safety authorities, research institutions, food business stakeholders, international and intergovernmental organizations, and more.

Customize regulatory queries and news monitoring

Set customized email alerts about news, recalls, and food safety updates that impact your products and markets.

Selerant regulation news documents

Documentation Made to Order

Create and manage regulatory documentation that applies to your organization’s specific needs.

Access Crucial Documents

Use a centralized repository to access documents that have critical impacts on product development.

"Selerant's Compliance Cloud offers us a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool for accessing worldwide food legislation and news monitoring. The user-friendly interface allows for smooth searching of the database and quick understanding both for experienced colleagues and those who are not frequent Compliance Cloud users. The Selerant support desk is readily available for assistance. The Compliance Cloud is of great added value to our business and is highly recommended."
- Global dairy manufacturer

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