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Quickly and easily generate safety data sheets SDS Authoring and Management Software

Hazex Cloud is an integrated SDS authoring software platform for chemical industries who trade in formula-based substances and mixtures. Learn about SDS authoring and management software from Selerant.


Selerant hazex sds software

Why Hazex Cloud? Integrated SDS authoring, management, and distribution software

Rely on Hazex Cloud to generate compliant safety data sheets and labels. Selerant’s team of experts are always up to date with new templates and regulatory amendments, and they proactively track the everchanging EHS landscape. Frequent updates keep the SDS authoring and management software aligned with major and minor regulatory changes.

  • Automatically translate your SDSs into 47 languages to ensure compliance in your target market.
  • Retrieve information from different parts of Hazex Cloud to quickly generate a compliant SDS.
Hazard classification and SDS regulations covered
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Your complete SDS authoring platform End-to-end Global Compliance

Selerant hazex sds program

Easily Manage Transport Data

Define specific transport details that align with international regulations, including ADR, IATA, IMDG, DOT, TDG, ADG, SCT, and ANTT.

Comprehensive Exposure Scenarios

Quickly generate exposure scenarios from scratch with step-by-step procedures that guide users as they input all relevant information.

Clear Communication

Communicate the entire lifecycle of hazardous substances and mixtures, including operative conditions and risk management measures, to appropriately control environmental and human health risks.

SDS software labeling

Labels that Work

Easily generate and print compliant hazard labels with customizable label templates featuring clear elements like pictograms, barcodes, logos, and images.

Secure the Source

Maintain an always-up-to-date master SDS for every hazardous substance in the cloud.

Automate Distribution

Fully automate SDS distribution to ensure that the right information gets to the right people in a visible and traceable process.

Selerant Hazex SDS authoring and management

Proven ROI How much can you save with SDS automation?

Discover how much time and money you are wasting on manual or inefficient Safety Data Sheet generation, management and distribution. Take up to 2 minutes to answer 6 easy questions to learn how much you can save right now.

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Quick deployment for immediate use The Selerant Process

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      After signing an order form, one of Selerant’s solution engineers will engage with your team to understand the environment and start the short process of optimizing Hazex Cloud for you.

    • Mapping icon


      Having analyzed your company’s GHS activities and labeling requirements, Selerant’s technicians will configure Hazex Cloud to meet your needs.

    • Implementation icon


      Once Hazex Cloud is synchronized with your company’s operations, a “Go live” date will be established. Leading up to this event, Selerant will help ready users with training spread across 1-2 days.

    • Deployment icon


      You’re ready to roll out Hazex Cloud across the company. Selerant’s experts are available to provide post-deployment support, including regulatory and technical assistance, ensuring your system is optimally configured and current.

Connect disparate teams Unite all compliance stakeholders


Easily generate, distribute, and print SDSs according to GHS specifications across all major commercial markets.



Ensure labels are up to date, accurate, and aligned with regulatory compliance standards in different markets.


Product Development

Hazex Cloud automatically synchronizes data with your ERP, simplifying coordination between product and compliance teams.



Reduce the burden on your IT team by eliminating on-prem infrastructure through SaaS software hosted on AWS.


Let’s Get in Touch

Connect with us to learn how Hazex Cloud can serve your organization’s unique needs.

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