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Food and Beverage Product Development and Compliance

Improve food authenticity with Devex PLM for food and beverage industries. Selerant covers the entire food product development lifecycle, from idea to label.

Selerant food and beverage product development and compliance

Why Selerant? Industry-tailored Solutions for Food and Beverage Product Development

Selerant Devex PLM for the food and beverage industry, Compliance Cloud, and Ecodex sustainable design software provide powerful and comprehensive solutions for the entire product lifecycle.

  • Manage your whole product lifecycle with specialized PLM for the food and beverage industry.
  • Leverage an integrated food safety management system.
  • Benefit from instant life cycle assessment (LCA) results and streamlined food auditing.

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Full visibility and traceability Tailored to the Food & Beverage Industry

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Devex PLM for food and beverage

Devex PLM provides a comprehensive, end-to-end, enterprise-level software solution that supports all critical aspects of New Product Development and Introduction (NPDI).

Compliance Cloud: food & beverage regulatory compliance software

Run quick compliance checks, receive email alerts with aggregated food regulation news tailored to your specific needs, and receive early notification of changes that affect product formulation.

Ecodex sustainability software

Evaluate and understand the environmental impacts of products and packaging with a tool designed for non-experts.

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Cross-functional collaboration

Devex PLM helps you streamline processes for effective collaboration across all your teams, from procurement to marketing.

Comprehensive visibility

Increase visibility into product details to facilitate effective knowledge transfer between members of your organization.

Templatized and standardized

Use pre-configured templates to manage ingredients, packaging, finished products, and regulatory compliance.

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A fine-tuned food safety management system

Devex PLM's regulatory compliance workflows help you reduce global compliance risks with integrated product requirements, development, specifications, and compliance features.

Reduce the risk of recall

Reduce costly recalls and product changes with well-defined, standardized food safety audit procedures.

Stay on top of compliance

Receive continual updates on global food databases with the Compliance Cloud subscription service.

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A competitive edge

Secure brand loyalty with first-to-market placement against competitors.

From idea to label

Easily generate compliant labeling that’s tied directly to formulations for new and existing products.

Maintaining guidelines

Increase brand value by defining corporate guidelines to analyze product formulations in Devex PLM.


Integrated supplier quality management

Onboard and manage suppliers through a structured methodology with Devex PLM’s built-in Supplier quality management portal.

Analyze expenses

Optimize manufacturing expense with continual analysis of formulation costs.

Sub-vertical specific

Control attributes for juice, alcohol, and cereal recipes with specific product development tools and create PLM solutions that match your industry.

"Our better ability to collaborate now gives us a big advantage. That comes from Devex PLM’s search capabilities and the project structure it provides. We can see across the portfolio, collaborate, and avoid duplication. People can see each other’s projects and add each other to projects to improve the technologies we’re developing."
- Director of R&D, food ingredients company

Expert-guided success The Selerant Process

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      We guide your teams through fast, effective design workshops to uncover the perfect configuration for your new PLM system.

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      Selerant builds out the PLM system based on your unique requirements. We’ll help you settle into your new workflows and support each team on their piece of the data migration.

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      Before launch, we validate the PLM system in your environment based on established use cases and perform detailed testing.

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      Go Live

      The clear and guided Selerant approach works to mitigate risk, nerves, and resistance to change. Our experts create a project plan with an eye to minimal downtime as the shift is made from in-development to a live environment.

Why work with Selerant

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Category-defining innovation Transform business processes

With more than 30 years of experience building solutions tailored to the food and beverage industry, Selerant applies proven methodology to guide its customers to long-term operational success. Our product development and compliance solutions extend to all parts of the NPDI process to build efficiencies, streamline communication and enhance product traceability. Expand your profit margins and global reach with the right tools and team.  

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