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Synchronize your ERP and PLM software for accurate forecasting and enhanced product development. Learn more about PLM-ERP integration with Selerant.

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Legacy Systems and PLM Integration Why PLM-ERP integration matters

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems deliver an integrated suite of business applications through a common process and data model. Selerant Devex PLM’s ERP integration helps you turn product information into actionable ERP data by automating the creation, use, and formatting of material data, formulas, product specifications, cost information, and more.

  • Link formula-based business processes to essential financial data.
  • Standardize data sharing between systems that use different coding methods and data formats.
  • Enable enterprise-wide processes to create a complete and accurate product database.
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Harmonize data across all systems Seamless Product Data Transfer

Master product data you can trust to expedite product launches.

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Store and Synchronize

Store product iterations in your PLM platform and synchronize the data for finished products in your ERP system.

Unify Material Master Management

Create material masters in your PLM and ERP systems simultaneously to keep materials, classifications, documents, and BOMs in one place.

Eliminate Lag Time

Kick off manufacturing as soon as you create material masters, and automatically translate recipes for your ERP system.

Selerant Devex PLM ERP integration mass data transfer

Connect and Streamline

Devex Open Connecter simplifies data transfer through a built-in mass import/export tool, eliminating the need for manual re-entry.

Automate Data Integration

Automatically format unstructured data to make it compatible with your target system.

Standardize and Simplify

Integrate data from multiple systems with one standardized tool based on native SQL technology.

Selerant Devex PLM ERP integration continual data maintenance

Manage Complexity

Devex Enterprise SOA Connecter offers more complex product information management for businesses that need real-time data updates for multiple processes.

Accuracy Across the Board

Properly format critical product data between systems, ensuring that calculations for trace substances, weight, cost, and other properties are accurate.

A Flexible Fit

Flexible business logic works with your company’s specific processes and data formats.

Selerant Devex PLM SAP ERP Integration


Devex SAP Connector links directly to your SAP database to translate PLM data and connect complex workflows.

Direct Data Relationships

Build a direct relationship between PLM materials and SAP material masters, specifications, vendor and customer information, and supporting documentation.

Visibility and Traceability

Enable robust error handling and event logging.

"Prior to using Devex PLM, it took a lot more work to collect product data and enter it into all of our systems. Because of the information we keep in Devex and the integration we have between Devex and our ERP system, now with almost a click of a button, everything is set up."
- Manager of marketing systems, personal care company

Expert-guided success The Selerant Process

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      We guide your teams through fast, effective design workshops to uncover the perfect configuration for your new PLM system.

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      Selerant builds out the PLM system based on your unique requirements. We’ll help you settle into your new workflows and support each team on their piece of the data migration.

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      Before launch, we validate the PLM system in your environment based on established use cases and perform detailed testing.

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      Go Live

      The clear and guided Selerant approach works to mitigate risk, nerves, and resistance to change. Our experts create a project plan with an eye to minimal downtime as the shift is made from in-development to a live environment.

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