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Transform business processes Selerant Business Process-reengineering services

Selerant BPR services range from rapid improvement and optimization techniques to full-scale transformation. Our approach to BPR and proven methodologies provide the flexibility to support process manufacturing businesses of all sizes, for any objective.

  • Increase operational efficiency, reductions in cost, and improvements in processing times.
  • Leverage Selerant’s BPR approach, experience, and best practices to gain a competitive edge.
  • Identify bottlenecks and resolve deficiencies in existing processes.
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Targeted and tactical Proven methodology

Draw on proven methodologies like Lean Six Sigma and Kaizen, delivered by experienced leaders in the field. Collaborate with Selerant experts to identify solutions that are actionable, realistic, achievable, and designed to produce immediate results.


Setting up for success Full-suite BPR

Selerant starts with feasibility studies, information technology assessments, and comprehensive strategic planning. Once your organization’s path forward is clear, our team leads the way by project-managing and facilitating BPR efforts. We ensure your teams feel prepared and supported through change management and training.

Leading the change The Selerant BPR Process

    • selerant-icon-two-color-discovery

      Current State Analysis

      Evaluate your existing environment to identify opportunities for improvement and determine problem areas.

    • selerant-icon-two-color-mapping

      Future State Design

      Identify solutions and process changes, then develop the environment and framework you need for your business.

    • selerant-icon-two-color-implementation

      Gap Analysis

      Analyze the gap between current and future states as well as the reengineering process’ impact on each level of your organization.

    • selerant-icon-two-color-devex-system-monitoring

      Performance Measurement

      Identify and implement methods for measuring and monitoring process efficiency.

Maximize collaboration Connect disparate teams across the entire product lifecycle

Research & Development

Meet go-to-market and budget timeline demands. Overcome data silos and leverage collaboration tools to formulate faster and access the right info at the right time throughout the entire product lifecycle. Maintain version control and eliminate redundancies and repetition with a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) platform. Optimize costs and meet consumer, market and regulatory requirements.

Regulatory Affairs

Eliminate consumer issues like improper labeling that can lead to a consumer getting sick from a mislabeled allergen and recalls with a comprehensive regulatory compliance framework. Perform real-time compliance checks throughout the product development process. Perfect product data governance ensuring product labels are populated with the accurate information.

Quality Management

Mitigate brand reputation damage of non-compliance to quality standards and certifications. Prevent financial loss due to inaccurate or poor product data. Ensure end-to-end visibility into quality management processes. Guarantee feedback reaches the right people at the right times so that each team can address quality issues before they get lost in transmission or passed onto the next stage of production.


Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Eliminate supply chain risks that occur when raw materials aren’t delivered on time or at all, which can cause disruption to the flow of products and materials. Devex supplier quality management ensures supply chain traceability and proactive management of potential issues.

Marketing & Innovation

Facilitate input from marketing professionals to product teams. Make sure new products match what consumers and the market demand with requirements-driven product development.


Embrace digital transformation to ensure core business technology systems speak to each other. Unify and consolidate platforms. Integrate your existing ERP system with Devex PLM for seamless product data sharing. 

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