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Create. Comply. Connect. Product Portfolio Management for CPG Manufacturers

Manage and optimize your product portfolio with Selerant's Innovation Process Management Suite. Unlock integrated process intelligence and product analysis with Selerant solutions.

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Why Devex PLM? Master the Product Portfolio Management process

Manage the end-to-end lifecycle of product development, from the ideation phase to finished products on the shelf and final obsolescence. Innovation Process Management Suite helps you maximize the product investments that drive your company’s strategic and financial objectives.

  • Gain complete visibility into key project data, timelines, plans, approvals, and business cases.
  • Custom-tailor your project by adding or removing tasks flexibly.
  • Align your product portfolio with business goals and strategies, then measure, track, and adjust.
  • Match criteria, financial objectives, and your portfolio to your organization’s strategy and goals.
  • Access dashboards, metrics, and status reports to streamline and optimize at the project or portfolio level.
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Launch successful products Product Portfolio Management Tactics

Identify strong product ideas before pushing through to development. 

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Facilitate Ideas

Leverage a strong front-end ideation tool to collect, track, and approve ideas into your product portfolio.

Rank and Prioritize

Apply scoring models and approvals based on your targets.

Manage the Flow of Ideas

Submit and track ideas with intuitive and easy-to-use digital forms.

Project and Portfolio Management

Chart Your Course

Support detailed plans and timelines with robust task-management tools.

Unify Management

Manage project reviews, approvals, reporting, and financials all in one place.

Full-portfolio Visibility

Access executive overviews through portfolio dashboards and metrics, including risk, finance, resource-allocation, and more.

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The Full Project Spectrum

Capture the phases you need for large breakthrough projects, line extensions, cost-savings efforts, fast-track projects, or maintenance and improvements to products.

Customize Your Gates

Define and configure phases and approval points for each project type, scoring them at each stage gate.

Simplified Task Management

Easily assign a full set of deliverables, tasks, and owners at each phase of a project.

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Automate Intelligence

Automate business intelligence with real-time dashboards to manage complex product portfolios.

Align with Strategy

Keep your portfolio consistent with your strategy through comprehensive metrics and achieve the financial returns you need.

Visualize Insights

Inform your decision-making with robust visualizations, including financial models, bubble diagrams, portfolio charts, and more.

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The Latest, Best Information

Benefit from a fully automated, continually updated profit and loss statement as your projects advance.

Configuration Your Way

Configure P&L to your organization’s model or leverage an out-of-the-box solution with industry-standard calculations.

Capture and Compare

Take and save snapshots of your P&L, then compare different scenarios as you create forecasts.

"We can create professional reports without people trying to work from their spreadsheets. And the report is there in 5 seconds instead of [us] needing three months to gather the data."
- Director of R&D, food ingredients company

Expert-guided success The Selerant Process

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      We guide your teams through fast, effective design workshops to uncover the perfect configuration for your new PLM system.

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      Selerant builds out the PLM system based on your unique requirements. We’ll help you settle into your new workflows and support each team on their piece of the data migration.

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      Before launch, we validate the PLM system in your environment based on established use cases and perform detailed testing.

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      Go Live

      The clear and guided Selerant approach works to mitigate risk, nerves, and resistance to change. Our experts create a project plan with an eye to minimal downtime as the shift is made from in-development to a live environment.

Maximize collaboration Connect disparate teams across the entire product lifecycle

Research & Development

Meet go-to-market and budget timeline demands. Overcome data silos and leverage collaboration tools to formulate faster and access the right info at the right time throughout the entire product lifecycle. Maintain version control and eliminate redundancies and repetition with a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) platform. Optimize costs and meet consumer, market and regulatory requirements.


Regulatory Affairs

Eliminate consumer issues like improper labeling that can lead to a consumer getting sick from a mislabeled allergen and recalls with a comprehensive regulatory compliance framework. Perform real-time compliance checks throughout the product development process. Perfect product data governance ensuring product labels are populated with the accurate information.


Quality Management

Mitigate brand reputation damage of non-compliance to quality standards and certifications. Prevent financial loss due to inaccurate or poor product data. Ensure end-to-end visibility into quality management processes. Guarantee feedback reaches the right people at the right times so that each team can address quality issues before they get lost in transmission or passed onto the next stage of production.


Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Eliminate supply chain risks that occur when raw materials aren’t delivered on time or at all, which can cause disruption to the flow of products and materials. Devex supplier quality management ensures supply chain traceability and proactive management of potential issues.


Marketing & Innovation

Facilitate input from marketing professionals to product teams. Make sure new products match what consumers and the market demand with requirements-driven product development.



Embrace digital transformation to ensure core business technology systems speak to each other. Unify and consolidate platforms. Integrate your existing ERP system with Devex PLM for seamless product data sharing. 


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