Personal Data protection


  • Directive 2002/58/EC – on “personal data processing and protection of private life in the field of electronic communications”.
  • Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (“General Data Protection Regulation” or “GDPR”).


While consulting this web site, Personal Data as defined in the GDPR can be processed. The Data Controller is Selerant S.r.l. Via Leonardo da Vinci 19 – 20051 Cassina De’ Pecchi (MI), REA MI-1335427.


The processing connected with the web services of this web site is realized at the Data Controller’s seat, as well as at Selerant Corp.’s seat (401 Park Ave South, Floors 8-10 New York, NY 10016 – USA) being the service provider of the web surfing. Now therefore, it is hereby specified that Selerant S.r.l. drew up the EU Commission standard contractual clauses for the transfer of data abroad with Selerant Corp, suitably appointed External Data Processor pursuant to article 28 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679.


Surfing data

The information systems and the software procedures necessary for the functioning of this web site acquire, during their normal exercise, some personal data whose transfer is implicit in the employment of communication protocols on the Internet. This information is not gathered to be associated to identified Data Subjects, but – due to its nature – it could allow the users to be identified. To this category belong the IP addresses and the domain names of the PCs used by the users that connect to the web site, the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) notation addresses of the resources requested, the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the dimension of the file obtained, the numeric code indicating the status of the answer given by the server (successful, error, uest, the metho etc.) and other parameters concerning the operation system and the user’s information environment. These data are used only to obtain anonymous statistic information on the employment of the web site and to control it works correctly and are cancelled immediately after the processing. The data, besides, could be used to assess the responsibility in case of possible cyber-crimes against the web site.

Data provided freely by the user

The optional, explicit and voluntary providing of Personal Data by the user to the contacts and in the registration forms present on this web site entails the subsequent acquisition of the data provided by the sender. Such data will be processed by Selerant S.r.l. and all Group companies, whose list can be found in the Terms of Use, mainly with electronic means, in order to follow up the user’s request (for example asking information and/or a demo). Specific concise information notes will be progressively published or displayed in the pages of the web site prepared on purpose for particular services upon request.


Apart from what has been specified concerning the surfing data, users are free to provide their Personal Data or not. However, the non-providing can entail the impossibility of obtaining what they asked.


Personal Data are processed, even through the use of automated tools, for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected.

Specific safety measures are observed in order to prevent the loss of Personal Data, the illegal or wrong use of them and any unauthorized access. Selerant S.r.l. took all minimum-security measures provided by the law and inspiring to the main international standards it took further security measures in order to minimize the risks concerning secrecy, availability and integrity of the Personal Data gathered and processed.


The gathered data can be transferred or communicated to other companies for activities strictly connected and instrumental to the efficiency of the service, such as the management of the information system. The data will be communicated to Selerant Corp, as provider of some web surfing services. The Personal Data provided by the users who ask for literature (brochure, leaflets, etc..) are used solely to carry out the service or performance required and are communicated to Group companies and to third parties only if it’s needed for such purpose (companies that take care of packaging, labelling, shipment). Apart from these cases, Personal Data won’t be either communicated or granted to anybody, unless it’s provided by the agreement or authorized by the subjects. In this case, Personal Data could be sent to third parties, but only in case: a) there’s an explicit consent to share the data with third parties; b) the information must be shared with third parties in order to carry out the service required; c) it’s needed to meet requests by the Judicial Authority or Public Security. No data deriving from the web service will be spread.

Selerant S.r.l may also use users’ Personal Data in the course of prospecting activities relating to Selerant S.r.l products and services. In this case, Selerant S.r.l may shares users Personal Data to all Group companies depending on the country of headquarters of the Group company, opt out or opt in consent is put in place in the web site regarding prospecting activities.


Users have the right to access and to request rectification of their Personal Data and to have such data deleted, to request the restriction of the processing, as well as a right to the portability. Users have the right to give Selerant S.r.l specific instructions for the processing of their Personal Data in the event of death. Users can access their Personal Data, reject to the processing of such data and exercises their rights with respect to the processing of such data by contacting our legal department either by email at the following address: or by post mail at the following address: Selerant S.r.l, Via Leonardo da Vinci 19 – 20051 Cassina De’ Pecchi (MI) – Italy.

Users have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority with respect to the processing of their Personal Data. For further information on your rights, please refer to the website of the Italian Data Protection Authority (GPDP).


Selerant S.r.l. verifies this Policy at regular intervals and revises it if needed according to regulatory or organizational changes or to the ones derived from the technological evolution. If the Policy should be changed, the new version will be published in this page of the web site and will be deemed to be accepted by users while using the web site.


Cookies are short pieces of data that are sent to your terminal (computer, digital tablet, smartphone, etc.) when you visit a web site. Their main task is allowing the web site to work and operate in a more efficient way, as well as providing information to the web site owners.

Here is a list of the cookies stored by our web site.

1. Technical Cookies

Technical cookies to the extent strictly necessary to use and visit the web site. In particular, the use of session technical cookies is limited to the transmission of sessions identifiers (made by random numbers generated by the server) needed to allow the safe and efficient surfing of the web site. Such cookies avoid having recourse to other information techniques potentially prejudicial for the secrecy of the users’ surfing and they don’t allow the acquisition of personal data that could identify the user. Users’ personal data aren’t acquired by the web site for this purpose. No cookie is used to transmit information of personal nature, nor is any type of so-called persistent cookie used, i.e. user-tracking systems.

Here is a detailed list:

Name of the cookie Default expiration Description of the cookie
PHPSESSID At the end of the session Session: access and employment of the web site

2. Google Analytics Cookies

Google Analytics Cookies used to gather and anonymously analyse the information concerning the behaviours while using the web sites (for example the time and day of the visit, possible previous visits to the web site by the same user, the origin site, etc.). Such information (including the user’s IP address) is gathered by Google Analytics, that processes it in order to make a report for Selerant S.r.l. concerning the activities on its web site and used by it in order to improve the web site. Google doesn’t connect the IP address to any other datum it owns, nor tries to connect an IP address with the user’s identity. Google can also communicate this information to third parties, in case it’s provided by the law or in case these third parties process the information on behalf of Google.

A more detailed explanation can be read below.

Cookie Name Default Expiration Description
Google Analytics _gat Immediately Anonymous analysis of the surfing statistics
Google Analytics _ga Immediately Anonymous analysis of the surfing statistics
Google Analytics _gid Immediately Anonymous analysis of the surfing statistics

For further information on the methods to gather and employ the data by Google, please visit the web site: (or another URL that Google may provide from time to time).

3. Hubspot Cookies

Hubspot cookies tracking code sets the following cookies when someone visits our web site. These cookies fall into two general categories:

  • Technical cookies: these cookies do not require consent.
  • Consent banner cookies: there are cookies included in the consent banner under GDPR.

To know more please visit this link.


User can set his browser to accept or reject cookies on its device. User may choose at any time to express and modify its wishes regarding cookies, by the means described below.

1. Accepting cookies:

By browsing the web site, user agree to the deposit on its device of Technical cookies.

However, the registration of other non-technical cookies is subject to user consent.

By clicking on “Accept cookies” on the consent banner, user accepts, on its browser, the deposit on its device of all non-technical cookies (such as Google Analytics cookies and Hubspot cookies). The cookies embedded in the pages and content that user has viewed may be temporarily stored in a dedicated area of your device. They can only be read by their sender.

User can change its choice at any time on its browser as indicated below.

2. Rejecting cookies:

User can configure its browser to block the storage of Technical cookies, in which case certain parts of our web site will not be able to function.

By clicking on “Refuse cookies” on the consent banner, no non-technical cookie will be deposited on user terminal and no data on navigation or actions carried out on our web site will be recorded.

3. Configuring cookies:

Here are the methods user can use to disable the cookies.

Technical cookies

Selerant S.r.l. reminds that the total or partial disabling of the so-called technical cookies can compromise the web site functions. Anyway, users can decide whether to accept the cookies or not, by modifying the safety settings of their browser.

Google Analytics Cookies

Selerant S.r.l. reminds that Google Analytics’ action can be selectively disabled by installing on the browser the opt-out component provided by Google. To disable Google Analytics’ action, please follow the link:

HubSpot Cookies

For further information on the methods to gather and use data by HubSpot, please visit the web site:

Once user choices are registered, we will only use non-technical cookies that user will have expressly authorized and Technical Cookies that user didn’t block on your browser. Any registered cookies stocked before user configuration will remain active on user terminal and user will be able to suppress it via its web browser set up section.

If your terminal is used by several persons, the sharing of such use and the configuration of your web browser related to cookies are your responsibility.


This web site may contain links or references for access to other websites, such as social networks Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest. By clicking on the appropriate links you can, for example, share our contents. We inform you that the Data Controller does not control cookies or other monitoring technologies of these websites to which this Policy does not apply.

Users may contact Selerant for any questions regarding this Privacy and Cookie Policy at

Last update: August 2nd, 2022.