A new Regulation amending REACH Annex XVII has been published

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What is a restriction?

Trestriction-reach.jpghe procedure of Restriction allows managing the risks that are not adequately evaluated by specific provisions of REACH regulation. The proposals of restrictions may concern different cases, such as the conditions of production, the conditions of uses and/or the placing on the market of a substance or even, if necessary, the prohibition of those activities.

These proposals are suggested by the Member States or by the ECHA Agency, in response to a request from Commission in the form of a dossier, and they are definitively approved by the Commission.

Changes brought to Annex XVII by regulation 2016/2235.

Regulation EU 2016/2235 introduces restriction number 66 to REACH Annex XVII. This Regulation will come into force starting from January 2nd 2017, but the restriction itself will be effective starting from January 2nd 2020.

This restriction concerns Bisphenol A (CAS: 80-05-7; EC: 201-245-8) with the following text: “Shall not be placed on the market in thermal paper in a concentration equal to or greater than 0,02 % by weight after 2 January 2020.”

Future updates on REACH restrictions.

The European Commission announced that a draft has been prepared for a new Regulation, aimed at amending REACH Annex XVII concerning 25 harmonised substances classified as CMR. The implementation of such Regulation is expected for the third quarter of 2017.

For additional information regarding Regulation 2016/2235 amending restrictions of Annex XVII, follow this link:

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