Why should i prepare a backup?

Backups are important

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Why should i prepare a backup?Your server has been infected by a virus, there is a blackout and you are unable to access Hazex? Maybe your machine is simply too old and stopped working? Thankfully there is a backup of your archive and of the program folder!

Backing up your archive is important!

Be sure to do it every day, it might be a lifesaver in case of an emergency!
The save operation has been set up during the first Hazex installation. Be sure that everything is in order by checking your planning schedules.

Why should I prepare a backup?

Having a copy of your archive is very helpful for when there are problems with the computer hosting Hazex. By setting up and maintaining a data backup you will always have a copy of the work done during months or years, which can be restored when needed after a reinstallation on recovery to a specific date (depends on the frequency of backups) without losing any data!

Setting up a backup is very easy

Alongside the first installation of Hazex comes a script that, thanks to the Task Scheduler, automatically generates a copy of your archive in a specific folder. This file will be unintelligible to human, but it will be perfectly readable by a computer.

The planning will happen according to the schedule agreed with your IT specialist.

To see if it works, just initiate the planning or double click on the script located on the Selerant Batches folder.
In this way the Command Prompt will launch, i.e. the black window of the DOS emulator.


If the backup is not present anymore in the Windows Task Scheduler, simply use the script in the Selerant batches folder to recreate it. This will keep your data secured!

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