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More and more extra-european countries are developing and implementing their own versions of the GHS, and Selerant answers by developing new calculation databases and specific SDS models that allow the user to create and calculate safety data sheets that are compliant with these new and developing standards.


GHS implementations for Brazil, Canada and China are some of the new regulatory modules that can be managed through the Selerant Software Suite.
Once installed and activated, these GHSs will be available and can be used by selecting them from the Country Authorities menu:


This makes it possible to have a practical way of managing substance classification...


...as well as calculating the hazard classification for mixtures.


GHS and safety data sheets

Since each GHS implementation has its own specific calculation criteria and SDS model, activating one or more GHS modules will automatically unlock their specific SDS models, which will then be available in the SDS creation menu:


GHS licenses

We remind you that GHS modules are available for both HazEX Corporate and HazEX Professional.
For more information on GHS implementations managed by the Selerant Software Suite, get in touch with our technical support: help@selerant.com

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