Harmonisation of data transmission regarding hazardous mixtures: Annex VIII of CLP

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CLP Annex VIII: what does it bring?

data-transmission-hazardous-mixtures.jpgReg. (UE) 2017/542 defines how the transmission of data regarding hazardous mixtures can be harmonised, making emergency interventions easier. Up until now data transmission has been different in each member state, which caused problems and slow-downs, with many inconveniences for those who place these mixtures in different countries and thus have to follow different procedures.

The biggest changes introduced by this regulation are:

  • European Product categorisation System, aimed at harmonising the data transmission process; 

  • Group Submission, meaning the possibility of doing a single submission comprising various mixtures when these have the same classification for health and physical hazards and belong to the same product category.

  • UFI (Unique Formula Identifier), a unique alphanumeric code that unambiguously links the submitted information on the composition of a mixture or a group of mixtures to a specific mixture or group of mixtures. This code must be printed on the label, with the exception of hazardous mixtures for industrial use and mixtures which are not packaged, where it can be indicated directly in the Safety Data Sheet.

This regulation will come into force in three steps:

•    1st January 2020 for mixtures placed on the market for consumer use;

•    1st January 2021 for mixtures placed on the market for professional use;

•    1st January 2024 for mixtures placed on the market for industrial use.

To see Reg. (UE) 2017/542, follow this link:

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