Hazardous Formulations Archive: Italy introduces a yearly fee

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Declaring products to the Hazardous Formulations Archive

ISS-APP.jpgIn accordance with Article 45 of the CLP Regulation, “Member States shall appoint a body or bodies responsible for receiving information relevant, in particular, for formulating preventative and curative measures, in particular in the event of emergency health response, from importers and downstream users placing mixtures on the market.”.

In Italy, the Higher Institute of Health is the body appointed to this function, and executes it thanks to the Hazardous Formulations Archive.

The Hazardous Formulations Archive is an important element for what concerns prevention and protection of consumers and workers who, accidentally or professionally, are exposed to chemical products.

The method and contents of data transmission to the Hazardous Formulations Archive is detailed on the ISS website.

Selerant developed a module dedicated to sending this data to the ISS, simplifying this process while integrating it into our suite of software solutions.
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What does this fee entail?

As defined in Commissary Dispodition n. 44 of 30/03/2015, the Istituto Superiore di Sanità defined in its tariff list a specific fee for the Hazardous Formulations Archive.

Therefore, starting from September 26th each and every registrant has to pay a yearly fee of 50€, indipendent from the number of registered (or to-be-registered) mixtures.

The payment can be done by bank transfer. Further details regarding the payment method are specified on the ISS website itself.

For more information regarding this yearly fee, follow this link:

Newsletter 103