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HazPrintNET-PrBatchNET_EN.jpgHazPrintNET and PrBatchNET are new Selerant software solutions for hazard label printing, taking the place of EuPrintGHS and PrBatch.

What new features have been introduced?

HazPrintNET and PrBatchNET are an evolution of EuPrintGHS and PrBatch. For existing users of these softwares, the new print engine guarantees compatibility with existing layouts already in use and lets you print your hazard labels in a quick and simple way, while adding some new and noteworthy features. These new features include:

  • automatic font size reduction
  • printing of ADR pictograms
  • RFID label management
  • 2D barcode printing (QRCode, Datamatrix)

and much more.


Which solution is better for me?

How do you choose between HazPrintNET and PrBatchNET?
If you wish to print labels easily, without the need of adding additional data, HazPrintNET is the ideal solution.


On the other hand, if you are equipped with an ERP system and need to have lots of additional data in your labels, PrBatchNET lets you automate the printing process while combining hazard and logistic information in the label.


If you would like to receive additional information, contact us at the following e-mail address: EU-Customer-Service@selerant.com

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