MOEL public notice updates the Korean GHS

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Posted By: Selerant EHS

An important alignment with UN GHS Rev. 4

Korean_GHS-moel.jpgUntil recently, the most recent regulation in Korea regarding classification and labelling of chemicals and the redaction of safety data sheets has been MOEL Public Notice No. 2013-37. This regulation has seen an important update on the 6th of April 2016, with the publishing of the MOEL Public Notice No. 2016-19 by the Korean Ministry of Employment and Labour (MOEL).

This updated regulation came into force immediately upon its publishing, but gives a transitional period of one year. This means that this regulation is in force, but it will be possible to follow MOEL Public Notice No. 2013-37 until April 6th 2017. After that date, only MOEL Public Notice No. 2016-19 will be in force.

This new update aligns the Standards for Classification and Labelling of Chemical Substances and Material Safety Data Sheet to UN GHS Rev. 4 of 2011 by implementing the “hazardous to the ozone layer” hazard class-category and revising some hazard statements and precautionary statements.

These changes were pre-announced through a circular on the 19th of February, while opening draft revisions to public consultations. No differences between the first public draft and the final regulation have been found.

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