Sending safety data sheets to customers is easy thanks to DocBatch

| Safety Data Sheets Distribution
Posted By: Selerant EHS


Sending safety data sheets is one of the many activities that can be managed through the DocBatch software, saving you precious time.

How DocBatch works

One DocBatch has been set up appropriately, it will execute a series of commands in sequence; it can calculate SDSs and send them via e-mail directly to your customers.

This can be done by giving the program a specific encoding by Selerant, describing the operations that the program will execute.

DocBatch, results

Your customers will automatically receive SDSs in the languages you have available, because by moving the workload to DocBatch you will not have to worry about manually creating emails, inputting the appropriate recipient addresses and attaching the correct SDSs.

DocBatch will start itself at a user-defined time, and can calculate and send SDSs in various languages and to various recipients automatically and at the same time.

How to request DocBatch

For more information please contact us at, we will gladly answer your questions!

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