Take advantage of RFID technology in your labels, thanks to our HazPrintNET printing solution

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Posted By: Selerant EHS

RFID-printing-solution-HazPrintNetThanks to the HazPrintNET printing solution, you will be able to integrate RFID technology in your labels, to be used in logistics and storage management activities

RFID: how does it work

RFID technology bases itself on transferring data through radiofrequency. Information regarding the item are stored on a specific electronic, named transponder or tag, and can be read thanks to specific antennae. This information can be related to the item itself, or they can be a serial number that links the item to specific data in a database. Like it does for barcodes, HazPrint can create a tag to be attached to the item, to be read in any moment in order to obtain information on the item itself.

RFID: results

RFID unifies logistics through a common denominator: having real-time availability of precise and trustworthy information, managed in specific ways based on operative processes, company structure and specific contextual objectives.

Finding and withdrawing items become faster, since RFID technology makes it possible to know the exact location of every item in the storehouse, transferring information in a safe and error-free manner.

Here are the main advantages of RFID technology when compared to barcodes:

  • Long-distance reading
  • More printing space on labels (an RFID tag is not something that is printed, unlike a barcode)
  • Fast reading and simultaneous identification of multiple tags
  • Flexible reading/writing capabilities: encryption, password protection.

RFID: how to request it

Get in touch with our Customer Service at eu-customer-service@selerant.com so that we may find an ideal solution for your company!