The complete WHMIS 2015 Technical Guidance has been published

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Official Technical Guidance on WHMIS 2015: what are its contents?

WHMIS-2015_260px.jpgRecently has been published the second part of the official “Technical Guidance on the Requirements of the Hazardous Products Act (HPA) and the Hazardous Products Regulations (HPR) - WHMIS 2015 Supplier Requirements”.

This second part, also known as phase 2, combines with the previously published phase 1, resulting in the complete guidance.

The complete guidance includes the following sections:

Section A - Introduction
Section B - Requirements of the Hazardous Products Act;
Section C - Regulatory Requirements
-  Part 1 Interpretation;
-  Part 2 Classification of a Product, Mixture, Material or Substance;
-  Part 3 Labelling;
-  Part 4 Safety Data Sheet;
-  Part 5 Exceptions;
-  Part 6 Additional Requirements;
-  Part 7 Physical Hazard Classes (includes chapters for each of the physical hazard classes in the HPR); and
-  Part 8 Health Hazard Classes (includes chapters for each of the health hazard classes in the HPR).
Appendix A - Confidential Business Information

The complete guidance is available on the Health Canada website, and can be obtained on demand.

To receive the Technical Guidance regarding WHMIS 2015, follow this link:

Technical Guidance WHMIS 2015

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