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Posted By: Selerant EHS

knowledge base module-HazEX.jpgIt is now possible to activate the new knowledge base module for the management of documents, such as exposure scenarios.

Knowledge base module: what is it for

The knowledge base module makes it possible to attach documents to a product (both substances and mixtures), without being limited to attaching documents to the safety data sheet. The most interesting use of this module is the management of exposure scenarios: it will be possible to append to a mixture the exposure scenarios of the components listed under paragraph 3, in addition to that of the finished product. This will result in a single document containing all the attached documents.

Managing the knowledge base module

How do you use the knowledge base module? To add attachments, you only have to choose the “Knowledge base” option in the “View” menu, and a specific window will open. This option will be available upon activating the appropriate license.



Using the knowledge base module with an SDS

One a safety data sheet has been created for a product, the user can select the “Append Exposure Scenarios” option, so that the export process of the SDS will create a single PDF document that contains the product’s safety data sheet and all the exposure scenarios previously uploaded and assigned to substance codes that are part of the mixture and are shown in Paragraph 3 of the SDS.


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