With Eulink it’s possible to exchange data between your ERP and HazEX Professional!

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Eulink can be interfaced with your ERP software, allowing for the creation of IN&OUT data exchange flow from HazEX Professional, easing the manual insertion of data.

Eulink specifics

Part of the Selerant Software Suite, Eulink is the program that can be interfaced with your ERP in order to import data such as codes, formulation and specific product variables from your ERP to your HazEX Professional database.
This data flow can also happen the other way around, namely by moving data from your HazEX Professional database to your ERP.

Eulink workflow

The first phase of analysis is aimed at identifying the data that will be imported and exported, and once this data has been identified it will be possible to set up Eulink and your ERP so that the data exchange can happen directly on the substance level, or through the creation of a TXT or DAT file.

In accordance with your company needs it’s possible to have a manual data exchange management, meaning that the user can manually decide when to start the import-export data flow, or manage it through scheduled batches.
This makes it so that the data exchange will start automatically on a specific date and time, be it day or night.

Eulink info

For more information regarding the Eulink software, please contact our technical support at

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