98 new MRLs for 7 Pesticides in Canada

Posted By: Selerant RSA


The 22nd of February 2015 and the 10th of March 2015 the Pest Management agency (PMRA), to strenghten the food safety in Canada, published new maximum residue limits for the use of the following pesticides:


Maleic Hydrazide, consulted via PMRL2014-84, with 11 new limits for several vegetables;

Oxyfluorfen, consulted via PMRL2014-85, with 18 new limits for different fruits;

Zoxamide, consulted via PMR2014-86, with 16 new limits for different fruits and vegetables;

Cyantraniliprole, consulted via PMRL2014-90, with 2 new limits regarding the food categories field corn and popcorn grain;

Clethodim, consulted via PMRL2014-91, with 34 new limits regarding different vegetables, meat and their byproducts, eggs and milk;

Flonicamid, consulted via PMRL2014-92, which introduced two new limits, one for peppermint tops and one for spearmint tops;

Cypermethrin, consulted via PMRL2014-93, with 17 new limits for different categories of meat and their byproducts, for milk and eggs.

The Above MRLs are available in REGDATA, global food regulations library database, users can search for MRLs by commodity & Pesticide for multiple countries, compare old and new MRLs, validate analytical test results against MRLs with an easy to review "traffic-light" report for each contaminants detected.