ADFCA: No evidence for carcinogenic potato chips in Dubai

Posted By: Selerant RSA

carcinogenic potato chips have been found in local market of UAE and this information that was spread on some social media is rumors, said Mohammed Jalal AlRayssi, director of communication and community services of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority.

ADFCA has received some enquiries and questions from customers to clarify if potato chips of Pringles brand contained any carcinogenic elements.  After the investigations, ADFCA confirmed that the information was wrong and only such a rumor spread on social media, neither unwanted nor carcinogenic elements have been detected in any potato chips product being sold in the country.

The samples of all food products in the market always undergo regular laboratory tests and control according to GCC food laws and they follow a restrict measures and continuous inspection.

UAE is one of members of Gulf Cooperation Council and it adopts all the approved standards by GSO and according to regulations of food safety, if the authority finds any contaminated product, the product willbe recalled and an alert will be issued immediately. ADFCA director advised the Public always to be sure that such information on food safety comes from the relevant authorities.