Annual Global Food Safety Summit – Collaboration Is Key

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Are you thinking about the next milestone in the world of food? If you opt for food safety, you will not get it wrong.

Food safety is a 'thing' we, as consumers, tend to take for granted. But on the flip side, us as professionals dealing with food safety - either from the regulatory or the industry perspective (or linking the two, as we at Selerant do) - know that there is sweat and hard work behind achieving food safety and regulatory compliance.

Get Together

This is one of the reasons for the success of the Global Food Safety Summit, organized every year by E.N.G. This year, Global Food Safety Summit celebrated its 10th anniversary in Amsterdam on September 8 & 9, 2015. At Selerant, we are proud to have been one of the partners of the event.

For two full days, the event brought around the table major Quality & Regulatory experts from food & beverage companies and regulatory bodies from around the world. Different case studies were presented, showing the approaches companies undertake to fulfill consumers’ expectations and deliver safe and delicious food.




Face the Challenge

On the challenge side, a growing number of rules and data were identified as a key drive that the industry needs to embrace in today’s globalized world. Selerant’s Director of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs, Chrystéle Delobel, was glad to have Olivier Robin, Head of Quality Compliance at Nestlé illustrate how systems and data integration can help build product confidence. Oliver Robin gave a practical illustration of three approaches:

i.  Compliance by Design, integrating the requirements (coming from the regulatory and food safety side, internal rules and consumer expectations) from the early stages of the New Product Development process, and

ii.  Compliance by Manufacturing, ensuring that products are kept within the original specification, and together with

iii.  Compliance by Verification, guaranteeing that the products remain compliant over time despite the changes in the requirements.

Collaborate & Innovate

To summarize the event - main message heard throughout the summit was that collaboration is key to success. Involving stakeholders at every level of the food chain, starting from farmers, and ending with the consumers is a baseline for every winning strategy to achieving goals of food safety and compliance.

Should you choose to involve modern technologies along the way, it will not only increase your company's competitiveness – it will also ease your life as a food safety professional.

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Amsterdam Nestle Ppt

Photo: Olivier Robin from Nestlé talking about compliance (credit: A.Colombo)