Argentina to Reform Food Standards due to Trade Agreements?

Posted By: Selerant RSA

Argentinian Executive Committee of the Food Products Industry Coordination (COPAL) is planning to conduct an overall analysis of a set of food regulations and standards, the Argentinian Ministry of Agro-Industry announced on May 23, 2016. The aim of this analysis is to improve competitiveness of food products made in Argentina.

Medium term, the endeavor COPAL is undertaking should result in an advancement of a second generation reform to foster the development of food production and increase food exports. These are considered essential for improving the competitiveness of the industry and providing an enabling environment for production and an increase in jobs.

Main topics discussed during the launch of this initiative included trade agreement negotiations between Common Market of South (MERCOSUR) and the EU and trade agreement between Argentina and Mexico. Other topics included the evaluation of certain laws having impact on the food and beverages industry, specifically allergen labeling regulations, and the process of regulatory harmonization of Argentinian legislation with other countries.

For further information: Ministry of Agro-Industry