Argentina Toughens Rules for Poultry Export to the EU

Posted By: Selerant RSA

Argentinian National Service for Health and Agriculture (El Servicio Nacional de Sanidad y Calidad Agroalimentaria - Senasa) updated requirements for establishments producing poultry designated for export to the EU. Resolución N° 565/2015, entered into force on 19 November 2015, redefining conditions to be applied on poultry farms.


Since 1997, Argentina has been on the list of the exporting third countries of fresh poultry meat to the European Union, largely thanks to the legislative framework introduced by Senasa: Resolution N° 969 has set the conditions for poultry farms and facilities for fresh poultry meat destined to the European Union.

The new 2015 Resolution repeals the 1997 Resolution and updates the requirements for poultry farms and facilities.


According to the new regulation, poultry destined for slaughter and export to the European Union, must not be under a program of control or eradication of avian diseases. This includes poultry which have been vaccinated against Newcastle disease with a specific strain (Master Seed).

The regulation also introduced somewhat stricter rules related to the use and registration of veterinary drugs applied to poultry, for instance, mandatory registration of drugs used in the last 12 weeks and related withdrawal periods.

In addition, any establishment or company providing poultry for slaughter and export to the European Union must meet the following requirements:

- Farms have to be registered with the National Health of Agricultural Producers (RENSPA) Register, according to the provisions of Resolution No. 423 of September 22, 2014.
- Farms have to comply with the requirements of facilities, biosecurity, hygiene and management health established in Resolutions Nos. 542 of 1 August 2010 and 106 of March 19, 2013.

The transport of poultry for slaughter or for export to the EU should be covered by the Electronic Transit Document (DT-e) and the form (Registration of Poultry Breeder Broiler) and / or (Poultry breeder register), as Annexes 111 and IV are an integral part of this resolution. Veterinary inspection is only allowing export of poultry fulfilling the specific requirements and having filled in the forms given in the new regulation.

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