Camel Milk Trending at Dubai Food Safety Conference 27-28 Oct

Posted By: Selerant RSA

Dubai is hosting the 10th International Food Safety Conference on 27 and 28 October.

The highlight of day one of this year’s conference are safety and quality requirements for camel milk, including the international trade requirements for camel dairy products

United Arab Emirates were the first country to have successfully exported camel milk and camel dairy products to the European market. Following the EU Commission’s approval for camel milk in 2013, these products found the entrance into the EU mainly through markets in the UK.

The consumption of camel milk and camel dairy products has been steadily increasing since ever since. Several health benefits have been reported for these types of dairy products. Reportedly, current world demand for camel milk and dairy products is higher than the supply.

The camel milk symposium, being part of the International Food Safety Conference is expected to introduce a new vision of marketing of this type of products. It will equally address the latest knowledge about camel milk and products production, food safety and trade view.

Other themes of Dubai International Food Safety Conference in Dubai will include, among others, dealing with emerging risks in food safety, food fraud and technological advancements in food testing. Detailed programme is available here (in English).

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