Canada: Pesticide MRLs Update

Posted By: Selerant RSA


Health Canada published via its MRL Database different new MRLs:

In Fluopyram, some limits rise up like for cherries, grapes, strawberries, low growing berries, except lowbush blueberries and lingonberries; in apples, in undelinted cotton seeds, in dry chickpeas and dry lentils, dry soybeans, in peanuts and in tuberous and corm vegetables. These were proposed under PMRL2016-21.

For Kasugamycin, ten new limits are added, to the already 35 existing ones. These regard cherries and Caneberries (Crop Subgroup 13-07A). There are no limits regarding this substance for these categories established by Codex Alimentarius, nor the electronic Code of federal Regulations in the United States. For more information, see the PMRL2016-32.

In Cyazofamid five new limits are added, one regarding the hops (dried) category, the other for the Caneberries (Crop Subgroup 13-07A). Limits for this substances in the categories are not found in Codex Alimentarius nor in the electronic Code of Federal Regulations of the United States of America. For a deeper analysis, see the PMRL2016-33.

For Tebuconazole, one limit of 0.05 ppm for asparagus is introduced after the Public consultation PMRL2016-34.

For Clopyralid, the limits regarding kidney of cattle, goats, horses and sheep were raised up to 1.5 ppm and also for milk  to 0.015 ppm (previous was 0.01 ppm), while four new limits were established at 0.09 ppm  for meat byproducts of cattle, goats, horses and sheep (except kidney), after the public consultation PMRL2016-35.

All the MRL changes will be available in our RegData® database shortly. You can register for a free trial here.