Canada Pesticide MRLs Updates

Posted By: Selerant RSA


On August 25, 2016 Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) approved for the first time a set of limits for the following sub-tropical fruits: Abius, achachairus, akee apples, American persimmons, bacuries, binjais, Common pawpaws, cupuacús, etambes, green sapotes, guatemalan avocados, horse mangos, jatobás, kei apples, langsats, lanjuts, lúcumas, mabolos, mangosteens, mexican avocados, pahos, pelipisans, pequiás, pequis, poshtes, quandongs, saipan mangos, sataws, screw-pines, tamarind-of-the-Indies, west Indian avocados, wild loquats.

These MRLS are now in the Canadian MRL Database, after the public consultation regarding Pyraclostrobin has been finalized.
Additional changes have been made for several MRLs for different substances in Canada. Three pesticides MRLs were amended by Health Canada on August 23, 2016.

Trifloxystrobin, after the public consultation PMRL2016-22, which introduced 44 new limits for different vegetables, and changed 31 limits for some dried beans varieties and other vegetables.

Metaldehyde, after the public consultation PMRL2016-23, which introduced 27 new limits, for different varieties of berries and vegetables.

Fenhexamide, after the public consultation PMRL2016-24, which introduced a limit of 1 ppm in bell peppers.

Other three pesticides MRLs were amended on August 25, 2016.

Pyraflufen-ethyl, after the public consultation PMRL2016-25, which introduced 71 limits for different legume vegetables, cereal grains and rapeseed.

Cyantraniliprole, after the public consultation PMRL2016-26, which established 103 limits, 40 of them are changed for the root vegetables ecept sugar beets, leaves of root and tuber vegetables and for the meat and meat byproducts of cattle, goats, sheep and horses.

Pyraclostrobin, after the public consultation PMRL2016-27, which introduced 32 limits for some tropical fruits, changed 13 limits for several fruits, barley and for turnip tops and add other 106 limits for dried herbs, fresh herbs and leaves of root and tuber vegetables, except garden beet tops and radish tops.

Three days later, on August 28, 2016, the following pesticides were amended in the database.

Tebuconazole, after the public consultation PMRL2016-28, which added 11 limits for the oranges crop group and one for the citrus oil.

Ametoctradin, after the public consultation PMRL2016-29, which changed the limit from 10 to 60 ppm in hops (dried).

The last two MRLs added by the PMRA in August was on August 29, 2016.

Imazapyr, after the public consultation PMRL2016-30, which added a limit of 4 ppm in dry soybeans.

Pyriproxifen, after the public consultation PMRL2016-31, which set up the limit for tea (dried leaves) at 15 ppm.

All the MRL changes will be available in our RegData® database shortly. You can register for a free trial here.