Canada Reviews MRLs for 7 Pesticides

Posted By: Selerant RSA

Three pesticides were amended by Health Canada and their limits entered into force on July 3, 2016 on the Canadian MRL Database: Cyprodinil, Azoxystrobin and Abamectin.

  • Abamectin: 170 limits have been added, while 8 of the already existing have been changed. For more information consult public consultation PMRL2016-11.
  • Azoxystrobin: One new limit of 10 ppm for strawberry was added after the PMRL2016-10. This limit enforced also the other existing limits introduced recently after the public consultation PMRL2016-07.
  • Cyprodinil: 40 limits were added and 6 changed to the 392 already existing. These changes were introduced after the public consultation PMRL2016-09.

Three pesticides were amended on June 27, 2016 in the MRLs Database: Imazapyr, Azoxystrobin and Fludioxonil.

  • Imazapyr: Four new limits of 0.3 ppm were added after the PMRL2016-06 for the kidney of cattle, goats, horses and sheep.
  • Fludioxonil: Twelve limits changed for some fruits and other vegetables after the PMRL2016-08.

Buprofezin is now allowed with 204 limits for the usage in the crops after the PMRL2016-04. These limits entered into force on June 14, 2016.

36 new limits were introduced for Isofetamid after the PMRL2014-57. These limits entered into force on June 2, 2016.

All the MRL changes have been made up-to-date in our Regdata database.