Canada Updates 15 Veterinary Drugs MRLs

Posted By: Selerant RSA


Health Canada has recently updated Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) for fifteen veterinary drugs whose residues can be found in food .

The list of MRLs is now longer as it introduces new limits on Avilamycin, Eprinomectin, Fumagillin, Halofuginone, Meloxicam, Morantel, Nicarbazim, Pyrantel, Robenidinehydrochloride, Salinomycin, Toltrazuril, Triptorelin and Virginiamycin. All the changes were made following the proposed MRLs 2014-2.

In particular, in comparison to the previous regulations, limits on Salinomycin have now become more restrictive, i.e. for liver of cattle the actual limit is 0.2 ppm, instead of previous 0.35ppm.

There are other examples where the allowed MRLs are now higher than it was allowed in previous regulations, i.e. for Nicarbazim where the limit in the liver of chickens was 4ppm and has now been increased to 15 ppm.

The update of this list includes also the Lasalocid on the MRLs list as was proposed in MRLs 2014-1, but had not been included in the update of February 13, 2015.

MRLs allowed for veterinary drugs are constantly made up-to-date in our RegData database.