Canada Updates MRLs for 7 Pesticides

Posted By: Selerant RSA


The Health Canada Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has recently published new MRLs for 7 different pesticides.

Bycyclopyrone, Fluensulfone and Fenpyrazamine are now pesticides whose use is allowed with certain limits, after these public consultations PMRL2015-09, PMRL2015-18 and PMRL2015-19 have been concluded.

35 new limits have added for Deltamethrin for use on different fruits, after the end of the consultation PMRL2015-13.

One new limit has been added to the existing MRLs for Sedaxane in Mustard seeds (condiment type) after the end of the consultation PMRL2015-14.

18 new limits are added for Myclobutanyl in several vegetables; more information is available at PMRL2015-15.

One new limit has been established for Tebuconazole for Barley, now being 0.3 ppm, after the end of the consultation PMRL2015-17.

All the MRL changes are constantly made up-to-date in our RegData® database.