China Fights Meat Smuggling

Posted By: Selerant RSA


On July 12, 2015, Chinese Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), Customs and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued a document aimed at combating frozen meat smuggling, in order to address public health and food safety concerns.

The main 5 key elements of this document are summarized below:

  1. Authorities have begun carrying out operations in order to combat the smuggling of frozen meat. The aim of the actions undertaken was to prevent all smuggling activities that could pose a risk to public health and carry a risk of introducing livestock diseases into domestic market. According to the authorities, actions undertaken so far, like dealing with smuggling gangs, seizing and destroying smuggled meat (some of which was up to 5 years old), have already yielded significant initial results.
  2. The Customs and the Ministry of Public Security are jointly investigating meat smuggling and tracking down the source of it. Operators, transportation and other personnel, food producers and traders associated with this illegal activity, are all being put under investigation.
  3. FDA is requiring all food operators, manufacturers or distributors who have stored, purchased or sold undefined sourced frozen meat to take the initiative and report this to the authorities.
  4. FDA requires cold stores (warehouses) to check their records of the origins of frozen meat, quantities and to whom they were sold. All suspected food irregularities should be reported to FDA or local authorities by August 10. Should the records show any non-conformity in numbers of sources and sales, the cold stores (warehouses) will be processed according to the law, and the investigate result shall be published to public.
  5. Media is considered as an important tool in maintaining public health and food safety, also by supervising authorities. Media reporting is expected to be competent, truthful and fair.

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