Food Safety Inspection Guidance Published by CFDA

Posted By: Selerant RSA

On June 8, 2015, CFDA released “guidance on food safety inspection and information publication”.

The main contents are as follows:

  1. Fully coverage of inspection. Food and drug inspection departments at all levels should arrange the work reasonable, in order to improve the coverage rate of inspection. Food and drug administration at state and provincial level shall inspect the food which has high social concern, high risk and large consume quantity, for example, infant formula, milk and dairy products,  meat and meat products, edible oil, wine, drinks, spice, tea and other key products.
  2. Highlight the inspection focus. The inspection items shall highlight pesticide or veterinary drug residue, food additive abuse, pathogenic bacteria, heavy metal and contaminants.
  3. Standardize sampling behavior. Samples should be purchased from market.
  4. Standardize sample delivering and testing behavior. FDA shall choose qualified and well managed laboratory to conduct the testing, to ensure the inspection results are accurate and reliable.
  5. Strengthen the risk monitoring. Sampling plan and result analysis shall be Improved, in order to detect potential risks and propose measures to eliminate the risks.
  6. Strengthen supervision on second test.  If the manufacturer or operator disagree with the test result and apply for retest, the retest should be conduct in accordance with the law. During the retest, the applier can not stop performing the sealing up of problem food, stopping producing, selling problem food, recalling problem food.
  7. Handle the problem food timely. For the problem food which produced in other provinces, the local FDA shall inform the FDA of the manufacturer.
  8. Release the inspection result timely. The name of unsafe food, the action against unsafe food should be stated in the press release, in order to warn consumer possible risk.
  9. Supervise the enterprises. FDA  should supervise the enterprises  to find the cause and correct the wrong behavior within the deadline.
  10. Punish the illegal production and operation. If the sales company can not prove the legal source of the unsafe food, the sales company shall take the responsibility.
  11. Strict work discipline. The FDA, inspection department, test laboratory shall conduct the inspection and testing according to the relative laws and regulations.
  12. Establish the inspection data statistical system. FDA at all levels shall submit the inspection result of last month within 3 working days of each month. State FDA shall release the statistic to publich every 10th of the month.
  13. Strengthen the organization and leadership. Each stage of the inspection shall assign an person to take charge.


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