GCC: New Food Products Standards for 2016

Posted By: Selerant RSA

The Gulf Standardization Organization (GSO) has published a list of new technical regulations regarding food products, packaging materials and animal feed.

This action came after the last session meeting held on May 15, 2016 by the General Committee for Standards (SCS) at Riyadh city in Saudi Arabia.

Which are the Most Significant Changes?

The most significant changes in the new regulation are related to specific food Products.

Apparently, due to continuous increasing growth of the food market in Gulf region and huge trade rate, the GSO has developed some food standard concerns with specific food categories and is looking to reformulate and update a large number of standards in order to be compliant with the international standards (Codex and ISO standards) and to cover new food categories.
The latest changes are expected to give access to complete, accurate and easier food legislation for food manufacturers and exporters. These standards are now available for purchase on the GSO Online Catalogue.

What's New in Regulations?

 1. New standards released.

Standard Number Standard Name Related information and application scope
GSO 2524:2016 Flavour Infused Olive Oil This specification is applicable specifically to flavour Infused olive oils with different kinds of herbs.
GSO 2521:2016 Animal Feed - Corn This standard is applicable to corn (Zea Mays l species) used in Animal feed.
GSO 2522:2016 Electrolyte Drinks))Sports Drinks This standard is concerned with Sports Drinks (Electrolyte Drinks) and Sports Drinks (Electrolyte drink) base.
GSO 2511:2016 Pre-packaged whole organic dates This standard is concerned with organic dates with or without nut.
GSO 2513:2016 Cereal Flakes This Standard is concerned with the requirements that must be met in Cereal Flakes, and it does not comprise the Corn Flakes, It also includes the requirements of packaging, labeling, and test methods.
GSO 2519:2016 Fermented milk products heat treated after fermentation (long life) This Standard Is Concerned With Ultra High Temperature (UHT) Fermented Milk And flavoured Fermented Milk (Long Life) For Direct Consumption Or Further Processing In Conformity With The Definitions In Item 3 Of This Standard.
GSO 2527:2016 Certain Canned Vegetables This Standard applies to certain canned vegetables offered for direct consumption, including for catering purposes or for repackaging if required. It does not apply to the product when indicated as being intended for further processing. This Standard does not cover vegetables that are lacto-fermented, pickled or preserved in vinegar.
GSO 2518:2016 Standard for Cocoa (Cacao syrup) Mass (Cocoa/Chocolate) and Cocoa Cake This standard applies to cocoa mass (Cocoa syrup/ chocolate) cocoa nibs, and cocoa press cake as defined.
GSO 2514:2016 Pummelos This Standard applies to commercial varieties of pummelos grown from Citrus grandis (L.) Osbeck (syn. C. maxima Merr.), of the Rutaceae family, to be supplied fresh to the consumer, after preparation and packaging. Pummelos for industrial processing are excluded.
GSO 2504:2016 General requirements for the transportation of food (Non-chilled and frozen) Voluntary application scope.
GSO 2506:2016 Code of good irradiation practice of insect disinfestations of cereal grains Voluntary application scope.
GSO 2517:2016 Canned sausage This standard applies to Canned sausage from poultry meat, sheep meat, goat meat, buffalo meat or camel meat.
GSO 2512:2016 MILK PRODUCTS WITH PROBIOTICS This standard is concerned with dairy products with added probiotics.
GSO 2515:2016 Food packages made of aluminium foil It concerns with packaging material from aluminium foils and their requirements.
GSO 2523:2016 Concentrates for carbonated beverages This standard is concerned with the basic requirements of the concentrates that are used in the manufacture of soft drinks.
GSO 2516:2016 Pre-packaged mixed improvers of Arabic coffee  
GSO 2520:2016 Wheat protein products including wheat gluten This standard concerns with wheat protein products obtained from wheat by different methods. These products are prepared for use in foods that need further preparations and food manufacturing factories.
GSO 2526:2016 Grinded thyme mix This standard applies to Thyme mix for human consumption and doesn’t apply to the Thyme for industrial purposes.
GSO 2525:2016 Natural Pomegranate Syrup (Debs) This standard applies Pomegranate Debs and doesn’t include industrial Pomegranate Debs.


 2. Updates of old standards

Standard Number Standard Name Related information and application scope
GSO 322:2016 Chilled chicken An update for an old release  GSO 322:1994
GSO 1328:2016 Processed meat: Poultry sausage An update for an old release   GSO 1328:2002
GSO 989:2016 Biscuits An update for an old release  GSO 989:1998
GSO 1869:2016 Date paste An update for an old release GSO 1869:2008
GSO 996:2016 Beef, buffalo, mutton and goat fresh meat An update for an old release  GSO 996:1998
GSO 992:2016 Yoghurt An update for an old release GSO 992:2010
GSO 709:2016 Chewing gum An update for an old release  GSO 709:2010
GSO 1359:2016  Oats An update for an old release  GSO 1359:2002
GSO 997:2016  Beef, buffalo, mutton and goat meat, chilled and frozen An update for an old release GSO 997:1998
GSO 1817:2016 Canned tuna An update for an old release  GSO 1817:2007
GSO 342:2016 Cakes An update for an old release  GSO 342:1994


These updates will be soon available in our RegData® database. If you want more information feel free to contact us.