GCC unified food law

Posted By: Selerant RSA


10/02/2015 The gulf executive committee has held the second meeting in AbuDhabi according to the decision of approval taken by ministerial committee for food safety which formed its first meeting at the GCC Head Quarters in Saudi Arabia last September.

The gulf executive committee is concerned about preparation of executive regulation for the unified law for food safety and control in all GCC countries.

The attended members  from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain kingdom, Sultanate of Oman and  from United Arab Emirates; the ministry of environment and Abu Dhabi food control system are agree with this proposed law and they are preparing the regulation draft which explains in details the different points of the unified law.

By the other hand the regulation would work as a guide for two years from the date of approval.

Unified system

Any regulation pertains to the food sector need to be based on the approved international good practices so that both public and private players could comprehend them easily.

Other main features of the executive regulations will focus on the system how to organize the follow up and recall activities for violated products as well as the directions to the controlling bodies to follow risk analysis systems in their control activities.

According to the director of policy and regulation sector, Dr. Mariam Alyousuf, the new GCC executive regulation that has been developed in the sequence of the Unified GCC Food Law and based on the scientific principles key to ensure food safety of imported products or the items which are handled in the local GCC markets in addition to prevention of food-borne diseases and other health risks.

It also contains requirements and conditions to get licenses for practicing food business and requirements for food business operators’ registration. Also contains commitments to be abided to ensure safety of food items prepared for human consumption in addition to the provisions to check fraudulence and trade of harmful or spoiled food products.