How Food Additives declaration changes from GB2760-2011 to GB2760-2014

Posted By: Selerant RSA

On May 27, 2015, NHFPC published a reply to a question made by the Chinese food industry association about the implementation of GB2760-2011 food additive usage and their standards. The NHFPC reply states as follows.

First, the GB2760-2014 food additive usage standard takes effect from May 24, 2015.

Second, regarding the labeling problem brought up by the modification of additive names (between the old and new revision of GB2760) in order to maintain food safety: the food products manufactured before June 30, 2015 are allowed to use the food additives as specified in GB2760-2011 on the label, and are also allowed to continue to sell within the shelf life.

And third, since June 30, 2016, food manufacturers must label the name of food additives in accordance with GB2760-2014.

Selerant compared the modification of food additives names between GB2760-2011 and GB2760-2014 for your reference so that if any of those are declared in your labels you can take appropriate measures. 

Gb 2760 


All the above information, including additives usage limits, original legislation documents and more, can be found in the REGDATA, online food legislation library database.