Peruvian Blueberries Soon Coming to China?

Posted By: Selerant RSA


The Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation has published on September 13, 2016 that a key trade deal on blueberries has been concluded between Peru and China.

Blueberries ‘made in Peru’ are expected to first enter Chinese market in November this year. The prerequisite, however, is that a phytosanitary protocol is agreed by October this year, between General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) of China, and the National Service of Agrarian Health (Senasa) of Minagri. Peruvian exporters will need to comply with the protocol to be able to send their blueberries to this huge market of more than 1.4 million consumers.

The agreement has been reached at the meeting between national agricultural health representatives from both countries. It is noted that at the meeting not only access blueberries topic was discussed, but also future pomegranate and quinoa grains access.

Over the recent years, both institutions have established good working relations that have opened the doors for Peruvian avocado, grape, mango and asparagus to Chinese market.

The next step in Peruvian – Chinese agricultural trade relations is expected to be expanded to evaporated and condensed milk. The fact that Peru is a country free from Foot and Mouth Disease, is one of the key veterinary public health conditions guaranteeing safety of products that are looking to find their way into this growing market.  

For further information: Ministry of agriculture and irrigation (MINAGRI).