Regulatory Updates from India

Posted By: Selerant RSA


Below are some of the regulatory updates from India for the month of August 2016.

Date of compliance extended for manufacturers for maximum amount of trans fatty acids in various food products.

On August 10, 2016, an official direction issued by FSSAI has extended the date of compliance for manufacturers to comply with the requirement of trans- fatty acids in food products at a maximum of 5%. The food products to comply are interesterified vegetable fat, margarine, fat spreads and hydrogenated vegetable oils. A gazette notification issued on August 4, 2015 had specified the date of compliance to be August 27, 2016. However, with this new direction, the date of compliance has been furthered by six months and the date of compliance stands at February 27, 2017. More information here.

Guidelines related to Food Import Clearance Process.

The guideline relates to import of primary food items such as food grains, pulses, fruits, dry fruits, whole spices etc. The new import guidelines issued to FSSAI officers responsible for clearance of consignments of primary foods on August 10, 2016 mandates that besides the mandatory labeling requirements stated in guidelines of 2012, mandatory requirements for labeling of imported primary foods now includes:

• Name of food.
• Name and complete address of manufacturer/packer.
• Date of Packing/ manufacturing.
• Net weight.
• Lot No./ Code No./ Batch No.
• Best before or use by date or date of expiry.