Russia Food Import Ban: Baby Food Ingredients

Posted By: Selerant RSA

Russian Government has come to a decision to exclude a list of inputs for the production of baby food from the Russian’s food import ban, as of May 27, 2016, by issuing Decree N 472. Products excluded from the ban are frozen beef, poultry and frozen and dried vegetable items for production of baby food. Russian Ministry of Agriculture will establish the procedure for regulation of imported products, through control of their permitted volume and intended use.

Russian Federation announced the Food ban on import of some agricultural products from the United States, Canada, Australia, European Union and Norway as a response to economic sanctions against Russia due to the political situation in this region. The ban was supposed to be ended in 2015, but was extended till August 2016.Meanwhile, in June 2015, an Amendment N 625 brought some changes to the restricted list, by excluding some products from it but also bringing more restrictive measures on other.

The lost for western producers due to searching alternative market to the Russian one has amounted to billions of dollars by now.