Selerant Compliance Cloud to showcase Online Food Compliance Assessments at GSFC 2015

Posted By: Selerant RSA

As event sponsor, SELERANT, will showcase its expertise by installing several display totems during the conference where the attendees will be able to test the Food Compliance Cloud, the online platform which support food safety and regulatory compliance in a global market.   At the event, we will present to the market a new services, called online compliance assessment, an innovative and easy to use online application to perform food product regulatory compliance, access global food regulations library and monitor food news. 

The Food Compliance Cloud totems will be available on March 4th and 5th  at the Espresso bar located inside the Kuala Lumpur Congress Centre,  Selerant food regulatory experts will be available to assist and provide free consultations on latest food regulations.

By accessing the Food Compliance Cloud from the totem, you will see how to

  1. Perform searches into the global food regulations library REGDATA™
  2. Perform an Online Compliance Assessment that generates a go/no go report based on composition of the product the related regulations
  3. Explore the Food News Monitoring System, the most extensive and constantly kept up to date database of food related news such as scientific reports, research summaries, policies, Food alerts and trends to let you stay up to date and identify emerging risks and upcoming policies.


The conference provides the opportunity to meet and network with industry peers, share knowledge, benefit from thought-provoking presentations from internationally reputed industry experts and hear innovative ideas to implement in your workplace. The chosen theme is “Food Safety: A Shared Responsibility”.

Attendance at the GFSI Global Food Safety Conference 2015 is required for admittance to access the Food Compliance Cloud showcase. Please sign up on the Global Food Safety Conference website.  #GSFC2015