Singapore: Illegal Food Repacking

Posted By: Selerant RSA

Repacked food products, without valid AVA (Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore) licenses, have recently appeared in Singapore retail outlets. In one particular instance, dates were re-packed from bulk imported without a valid AVA license.

The AVA license indicates that the food processor is approved to carry out re-packing of a particular type of food. Retailers should refuse to sell food provided by food processors who cannot forward a copy of this license.

All prepacked food sold in Singapore should be compliant to general labeling requirements stipulated in Singapore Food Regulations. AVA has reminded the retailers that when they want to engage a local food processor to re-pack food from bulk pack to retail pack, they should make sure that these statements are also indicated:

  • “Packed For XXX Pte Ltd”, if a processor is packing on retailer's behalf and the processor carries a valid AVA license with the appropriate trade, or
  • “Packed By XXX Pte Ltd”, if packing is carried out directly by XXX Pte Ltd who holds a valid AVA license with the appropriate trade.

For more information on instructions AVA gave to retailers, please click here.