TFDA issued amendment to “Regulations for Application of Health Food Permit”

Posted By: Selerant RSA

Background: Health food definition & Registration

According to “Health Food Control Act”, health food is “food with specific nutrient or health maintenance effects which is especially labeled or advertised, and is not aiming at treating or remedying human diseases”.

According to “Regulations for Application of Health Food Permit”, manufacturers and importers of health food must first submit an application to the Ministry of Health and Welfare or its commissioned body for inspection and registration. The regulation specifies the required documents, fees and procedures.

The latest amendment is providing a more detailed instructions on the fees, procedures and the authority responsible for the registration.

Details of the amendment

  • The health food application fee was divided into 2 parts: preliminary examination fee and reviewing fee. The amendment states the fee and required document during the application.
  • The amendment states the time period limit for re-submission of the missing document.
  • The name of the authority has been changed from "Health Food Advisory Council" to "Health Food Review Panel."

Click here to see the full text of the regulation amendment. (in Chinese)