Unites States: 4 Pesticide MRLs Updated

Posted By: Selerant RSA


In the period between September 4 and 11, 2015, US Environmental Protection Agency has released new MRLs for four pesticides. The pesticides for which the notifications have been released include: Oxathiapiprolin (40 CFR 180.685, 80 FR 53469), Cyprodinil (40 CFR 180.532, 80 FR 54242), Propylene glycol monomethyl ether (40 CFR 180.910, 80 FR 54248) and Tetraethylene glycol (40 CFR 180.920, 80 FR 54729).

Tolerances and exemptions

: Brassica, head and stem, subgroup 5A at 1.5 ppm; ginseng at 0.15 ppm; grape at 0.70 ppm; leafy greens subgroup 4A at 15 ppm; onion, bulb, crop subgroup 3-07A at 0.04 ppm; onion, green, crop subgroup 3-07B at 2.0 ppm; peas, edible podded at 1.0 ppm; peas, succulent, shelled at 0.05 ppm; tomato, dried at 3.0 ppm; vegetable, cucurbit, crop group 9 at 0.20 ppm; vegetables, fruiting, crop group 8-10 at 0.50 ppm; and vegetable, tuberous and corm, crop subgroup 1C at 0.01 ppm.In addition, inadvertent tolerances are established for residues of oxathiapiprolin on all other food commodities/feed commodities (other than those covered by a tolerance as a result of use on growing crops) at 0.10 ppm.

Cyprodinil: Acerola at 1.5 ppm; artichoke, globe at 4.0 ppm; feijoa at 1.5 ppm; fruit, stone, group 12-12 at 2.0 ppm; guava at 1.5 ppm; jaboticaba at 1.5 ppm; passionfruit at 1.5 ppm; pomegranate at 10 ppm; starfruit at 1.5 ppm; and wax jambu at 1.5 ppm. Additionally, this action removes the tolerance established in or on fruit, stone, group 12 at 2.0 ppm as that crop group tolerance is superseded by the tolerance being established in this action for crop group 12-12.

Propylene glycol monomethyl ether (CAS No. 107-98-2): Exemption from the requirement of a tolerance when used as an inert ingredient (as a solvent) in pesticide formulations applied to crops, post-harvest.

Tetraethylene glycol (CAS no. 112-60-7): Exemption from the requirement of a tolerance when used as an inert ingredient (solvent) in pesticide formulations applied to growing crops.

Do new tolerances apply to you?

You may be potentially affected by these changes if you are an agricultural producer, food manufacturer, or pesticide manufacturer. Potentially affected entities may include the following North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) codes (not to be considered as an exhaustive list):

  • Crop production (NAICS code 111).
  • Animal production (NAICS code 112).
  • Food manufacturing (NAICS code 311).
  • Pesticide manufacturing (NAICS code 32532).

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