US Pesticides Residues in Food

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New Tolerances from EPA

May 22, 2014: Since April 22, 2014; the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released new pesticides tolerances for the following substances:

[alpha]-Alkyl-[omega]-Hydroxypoly (Oxypropylene) and/or Poly (Oxyethylene) Polymers Where the Alkyl Chain Contains a Minimum of Six Carbons etc.; Exemption From the Requirement of a Tolerance; Technical Correction link

Tebuconazole; Pesticide Tolerances link

Fenoxaprop-ethyl; Pesticide Tolerances link

Mancozeb, Maneb, Metiram, and Thiram; Tolerance Actions link

Amine Salts of Alkyl (C8-C24) Benzenesulfonic Acid (Dimethylaminopropylamine, Isopropylamine, Mono-, Di-, and Triethanolamine); Exemption From the Requirement of a Tolerance link


Amendment of Labeling of Pesticide Products and Devices for Export

April 30, 2014, EPA amended the regulations that pertain to labeling of pesticide products and devices intended only for export. This action restores the provision that allows information required under the regulations to be placed on collateral labeling, such as bulletins, leaflets, circulars, brochures, data sheet and flyers, rather than on the immediate package of each individual product for shipment.

This direct final rule is effective July 29, 2014. Written adverse comments must be received on or before May 30, 2014. If EPA receives adverse comment, EPA will withdraw this direct final rule before its effective date.

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Labeling of Pesticide Products and Devices for Export