Canada: March 2017 Pesticide MRLs Update

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Posted By: Lionello Sannuto


Health Canada published this month via its MRL Database different new MRLs for the following substances:

In Penflufen, one new limit of 0.1 mg/kg was added for sugar beet roots. This change was proposed under PMRL2016-71.

For Carfentrazone-ethyl one new limit of 0.1 mg/kg is introduced for wild raspberries, to align the corresponding American Tolerance listed in the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations. For more information, see the PMRL2016-72.

A new pesticide now it’s regulated in Canada: Flumethrin. For this one, the limit of 0.003 mg/kg is introduced in Honey on March 8th, 2017. For more information, check the PMRL2016-73

For Myclobutanil, twenty new limits were introduced after the Public consultation PMRL2016-74.for different beans and seeds. The corresponding limit in the USA is 0.03 ppm (Vegetable, legume, group 6; indirect or inadvertent residues).

All the MRL changes will be available in our RegData® database shortly. You can register for a free trial here.