Chile Releases New Regulation on Claims

| Chile | Nutritional Claims
Posted By: Ofelia Medina


On July 26, 2017, Chilean Ministry of Health released a new Resolution approving the Technical Standard No. 191 on Nutritional Guidelines for declaring Healthy Food Properties (claims). The Resolution No. 860 was published in the National Congress Library of Chile, the new Standard on claims being its integral part.

The Standard lists all the rules to use claims for specific foods and circumstances under which such claims can be used. According to the Standard, claims must not be used for foodstuffs destined for infants younger than 4 years. They also should not be used on food supplements or food that is marketed in forms similar to pharma products, such as powders, liquids, granules, tablets, capsules, among others.

The new Standard repeals the Resolution No. 764 of 2009 and its amendment included in Resolution No. 24 of 2011. New Standard will enter into force in January 2018.

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