China updates MRLs for Pesticides

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Posted By: Annie He


On December 18, 2016 National health and family planning commission of the People’s Republic of China (NHFPC) released Announcement year 2016 No. 16 (in Chinese), publishing GB2763-2016 Maximum residue limits for pesticides in food and additional 106 National food safety standards on testing method of pesticide residue in foods.

GB2763-2016 will enter into force on June 18, 2017 and will repeal its previous version GB2763-2014 which is published in 2014.

Comparing to the previous pesticide residue regulation GB2763-2014, the new version GB2763-2016 includes the main changes as below,

  • Verified and revised the pesticide residue definition of 7 pesticides (pyraflufen-ethyl, flucarbazone-sodium, imazapic, fluopicolide, carbofuran, triadimefon, triadimenol),Verified and revised the acceptable daily intake (ADI) of 5 pesticides (such as diquat);
  • Added 46 pesticides such as 2,4-D-ethylhexyl;
  • Added 490 maximum residue limits for pesticides;
  • Added 11 testing method standards, deleted 10 testing method standards, changed 28 testing method standards;
  • Modified English name of 8 pesticides (such as from “propiconazol” to “propiconazole”);
  • Modified the restriction limits of mefenacet, mepronil and amobam from provisional limits to formal limits;
  • Modified “normative appendix A the food category and parts to be tested” by adding 3 food categories such as dried vegetables and amending one crop name;
  • Added “normative appendix B Pesticide list which is exempted from maximum residue limits”