Korea Publishes a Partial Amendment of the Food Additives Code

| Korea
Posted By: Irene Piao


On August 26, 2019, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of Korea has updated the list of additives publishing the  “Partial Amendment of the Korea Food Additives Code / Korea Food Additives Standard and Specification(No.2019-71)”

The major changes of the publication are the following:

  • Establishment of general use standards for food additives used in culture such as microorganisms
  • Revision of ingredient specification and the test method of 6 food additives including “glutamic acid”
  • The scientific name of origin material of 59 natural flavorings are revised
  • Revision of the usage standard for 13 food additives, such as potassium hydroxide.
  • The categories of “infant cereal products” and “other infant products” have been merged into a single category, named “infant weaning food, the usage of 11 food additives have been revised to align with the new categorization.
  • Revised the usage standard for potassium hydroxide and heme iron.
    • Improvement of the test method for disinfection and sterilization in general tests.
    • In case food additives recognized as processing aids are used for other purposes, additional safety data is required

Check the amendment here or at Id 205748 of our Food Law Library.