New Amendments to Mexico Additives Regulation

| Mexico | COFEPRIS
Posted By: Ofelia Medina


New amendments to the “Agreement that determines additives and adjuvants in food, beverages and food supplements, their use and health standards – DOF 16/07/12” were published to the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risk (COFEPRIS) website on November 12 and 15 and December 8 of 2017. The additions listed below of new substances and/or functions for existing substances published in these amendments were approved by the Secretary of Health to be use in certain food categories.

Annex I – Additives with different functions and a RDI established:

  1. Benzoates has specific limits as a preservative in condiments.
  2. For Yeast extract as flavor enhancer, respective limits were assigned for “seasoning and dressings”, “soups and broths” and “non-alcoholic flavored drinks”.

Annex III – Colors with an RDI established:

  1. Sunset yellow FCF, Brilliant blue FCF and Allura red are now permitted in”sauces” with a specific limit.
  2. Caramel III is permitted in “seasonings and dressings”

Annex VI – Enzymes

Beta glucanase as enzyme, is permitted in the elaboration of beers, grains process, as well as in the potable alcohol production.

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