Organic products from Chile coming into Europe

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Posted By: Ofelia Medina


Organic products standards between Europe and Chile are aligned; it was confirmed on April 27, 2017 with the closure of the trade agreement signed by the Chilean Agriculture Minister and the European Ministers of Agriculture and Fishery.

Europe recognized that current Chilean legislation on organic products certification meets the European rules on that regard. Chilean organic products can be labeled with the European organic product logo, giving the opportunity to Chile to stand out as trustable organic products producer worldwide.

The Chilean organic production will reach 40% of the global market including the 28 EU members markets.

In the agreement, products like unprocessed vegetables, unprocessed products of animal origin (i.e. honey), aquaculture products and processed agro-products including wine, feed or seeds were listed as Chilean organic products to enter the European markets.

This agreement, an example of “new generation” treaties, will also provide a Cooperation System, Information Exchange and Conflict Resolution in Organic Commerce – the EU plans also to improve the organic logos protection. Once the European Parliament gives green light for the adoption by the Council, Chilean organic products can start the journey.

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