Peru Suspends Import of Animals and Products from Colombia due to FMD

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Posted By: Ofelia Medina


A new Directorial Resolution released by the Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation was published in the Official Gazette “El Peruano” on June 27, 2017 listing the animal species and products of animal origin that will be suspended for the import to Peru from Colombia for a period of 180 days.

The Directorial Resolution 0016-2017-MINAGRI-SENASA-DSA sets sanitary measures to avoid the introduction of Foot-and-Mouth disease (FMD) into Peru since the Country has been recognized by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) as “Country Free of FMD” and considering the notification from Colombia to the OIE about the recent outbreak presented in the country.

The Resolution bans the introduction of the following species and products into Peru for a period of 180 calendar days starting from the publication date of the Resolution.

  1. Ruminants and live swine, their semen or embryos and other species susceptible to foot –and-mouth disease.
  2. Fresh meat, chilled or frozen meat, viscera and offal, raw hides and skins, unwashed or degreased wool, of such species.
  3. Fodder and hay.
  4. Milk and dairy products
  5. Other products capable of transmitting or serving as a vehicle for FMD virus.

The Resolution also cancels the sanitary permissions delivered for the import of all the products and species listed above before the publication of this Resolution.  Products already in transit to Peru will be subjected to sanitary inspection and post-audit.

The period of the import suspension could potentially change according to the information released by the Colombian Authorities.

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